Liquid Media Announces Partnership with dotstudioPRO

dotstudioPRO aligns with Liquid Media Group in empowering the content creator with easy monetization solutions and delivery of their work to the largest audience.

June 03, 2021 09:20 ET | Source: Liquid Media Group Ltd.

LOS ANGELES, June 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Liquid Media Group Ltd. (the “Company,” or “Liquid Media” or “Liquid”) (Nasdaq: YVR), a business solutions company empowering professional IP creators to package, finance, deliver and monetize professional video IP globally, is delighted to announce its new partnership with distribution company dotstudioPRO.

Led by CEO Ronald Thomson, Liquid Media Group offers global film and TV content creators a pathway to realize their concepts and turn their ideas into reality, with financial and strategic support. Liquid Media Group offers their creative partners the ability to both create and monetize, in multiple ways, their intellectual property. Driven by a 4-stage solution engine that spans: intelligence, financing, technology, monetization and distribution, Liquid offers a professional and reliable way to move through the stages from inception to monetization.

dotstudioPRO is a technology, consulting and video distribution company focused on delivering SaaS-based content management, distribution, marketing and monetization solutions for the media, broadcast and entertainment sectors. These solutions help clients reach audiences and amplify their brand, monetize their content across 20+ OTT platforms, which have a combined reach of 815+ million viewers worldwide. Their platforms include Amazon Prime, Roku, Tubi, Pluto TV, STIRR, Local Now, and Whistle Sports, as well as others.

dotstudioPRO also aligns with Liquid Media Group in empowering the content creator with easy monetization solutions and delivery of their work to the largest audience.

“I am thrilled about this new partnership with dotstudioPRO. They are adding another powerful level of distribution for our content that brings our reach to nearly a billion households worldwide. It’s this distribution network, made up of all our partners, that gives Liquid Media Group’s library the full spectrum and highest level of delivery,” says Liquid CEO Ronald Thomson.

Liquid Media Group Ltd. empowers independent IP creators, enabling them to take professional content from inception to monetization. This new partnership with dotstudioPRO further enhanced Liquid Media Groups’ ability to distribute its film and television content to an even wider audience.

Liquid’s total streaming library currently exceeds 7,100 projects and over 16,000 videos, and its partnership with dotstudioPRO is another effective vehicle to ensure that content is accessible to the maximum audience worldwide.

dotstudioPRO’s distribution & syndication platform provides a streamlined, cost-effective solution that aligns the demand for content on OTT platforms with the need for content owners to reach audiences everywhere. “We are excited to work with Liquid Media’s rich content library as we see extreme value for their content in the marketplace,” says Jhod Cardinal, VP of Distribution & Acquisitions for dotstudioPRO. “Through our partnership with Liquid Media we are able to leverage the strengths of both of our companies to deliver catalogues of video content quickly to mainstream and niche platforms worldwide.”

The new partnership is a step in an exciting new direction towards modernizing the storytelling and streaming experience. As the world consumption of entertainment strays away from traditional television, Liquid Media and dotstudioPRO’s partnership aims at streamlining a creative new pipeline for content creation and distribution.

Continued Thomson, “We are both cutting-edge companies with exciting opportunities for content creators and our combined forces will make us an obvious choice for any creatives looking for a streamlined and powerful way to turn their ideas into media content that is easily monetized and reaches millions of viewers through our distribution.”

While streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more are on the rise, none give the personalized solution for creatives the way this new partnership will. The companies have established an agreement to distribute a pipeline of content, leveraging dotstudioPRO’s global reach. Liquid’s existing distribution and last-mile financing opportunities, combined with dotstudioPRO’s worldwide distribution solution, will provide a unique end-to-end opportunity for content creators. There is no ceiling to the possibilities this new partnership creates for both entities.

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